Deliveries are available after 5pm!

Hands down, the best dry cleaners ever!

Free pick-up and delivery for orders over $20.

Free pick-up and delivery for orders over $20.

Dry Clean and Tailoring Services

Deliveries are available after 5pm!

Same Day Service, Dry Cleaners!

Why use Victorino Cleaners for your laundry and dry cleaning?

We offer Dry Cleaning, Wash and Fold and Tailoring services with pickup and delivery so you can save time.

Call Us for booking: (347) 777-6968
Same Day Service, Dry Cleaners!

Our Services

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Dry Cleaner
We offer a range of dry cleaning services utilizing modern dry cleaning processes to fit to your clothes.
Wash and Fold.
We wash your clothes and bedding, and deliver to your door.
Tailoring and Alterations.
We’ll fix up your gear and deliver to you, ready to wear.
Same Day Service, Dry Cleaners!

How our laundry service works

Pickup 7 days a week and you don’t even have to be home. In our system. you can select a pickup time from our 24 hour calendar and we offer Contactless pickup.

1. You collect your clothes.

2. Choose pickup and drop-off times from our web app.

3. We pick up your laundry during your scheduled pickup time.

4. We deliver your clean and wrinkle-free on your scheduled drop-off date.

Same Day Service, Dry Cleaners!

Contact-less free Pickup and Delivery available.

We can do your laundry for you. All you need to do is:

1. Sign up at our web app
3. Schedule a pickup time
4. Schedule a Drop-off time

We’ll pick up your laundry as scheduled and bring it back to you fresh and folded the scheduled Drop-off time.

Contact less Pick-up and Delivery
We offer contact-less delivery and pick-up. With secured digital payments to finalize the order, we’ll pick-up and deliver your clothes to you home.
Get Real Time Updates
We notify you of your delivery’s progress so you can track your clothes when they’re on their way to your address.
CDC Guidelines Standards.
We follow Guidelines provided by CDC to keep you safe.
Free Pickup and Delivery!

Neighborhoods We Service in New York City

Welcome back Victorino Family!!! First we want to thank you all for your patience and loyalty. You all have made this year so much better than we could have imagined especially with this entire pandemic going on. We have missed you all and are very excited to say that we are back in business. Our day of return is officially set for February 8th, 2021 (8:00am-7:00pm). With that being said we are now introducing our brand new website listed down below.

Victorino Cleaners Madison Ave Inc.

Please help yourself to 10% off your next purchase through our website with this code : WELCOMEBACK10

Once again we thank you for your service. We hope to see your faces again soon.

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